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Git integration

To make it easier for developers to work together with the AI on projects, backs all projects with a git repository, and lets you push commits yourself directly to the repository.

You can push commits to the git repository backing your project, and will automatically pull them in and update the project. This allows you to make changes yourself, without asking the AI.

Viewing the source code of you project

The hosts all created projects in a GitHub instance.

You can view the GitHub repository for your project by navigating to the Project -> Settings -> Code.

Connecting a project to your GitHub account

Before pushing your first commit, you will need to connect your GitHub account to the project. You can do this by navigating to the Project -> Settings and selecting the "Connect to GitHub" option. You will then be given the option of transfering the repository to your organization.

Making changes to a project through commits

Once you have connected your GitHub account to your project, any change you make to the repository will be automatically reflected in the

You make and commit changes directly in GitHub or clone the repo to use your preferred IDE.