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👋 Welcome to GPT Engineer Docs

GPT Engineer is an AI web builder app that lets you build real web apps fast, using just natural language. We prepared this documentation to make it even easier for you to go from an idea to an app and to understand how GPT Engineer works.

GPT Engineer Welcome screen


Explore the sections below to get started quickly and learn more about the features and integrations offered by GPT Engineer.

  • Getting started

    Check out our Getting started guide for a simple introduction to key features and concepts.

    Getting started

  • Features overview

    From a general overview to our GitHub integration, this section covers the nuts and bolts of GPT Engineer.


  • Integrations

    Go beyond default features by integrating with third parties like Supabase. More coming in the future.


  • Tips and tricks

    Learn effective prompting strategies and get the most out of GPT Engineer with our tips and tricks collection.

    Tips and tricks

Learn more

You can learn more about GPT Engineer on our website.

Discover the team behind GPT Engineer and our mission to make web development accessible to everyone. Learn more about the creators at ❤ Lovable.

Stay connected

Join our community on Discord to stay updated on development, feature releases, and to connect with fellow users. Follow us on Twitter/X for the latest updates and announcements.

Feedback and support

We also value your feedback! If you want to share it with us, feel free to email us at