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OpenAPI Spec Support

Our OpenAPI Spec Integration Is Still In Alpha

Please note that the integration with the OpenAPI specification is currently in the alpha stage, and may not yet be fully reliable.

Connecting your custom backend

By configuring an OpenAPI Spec, GPT Engineer can understand and utilize your backend's full range of functionalities to generate a complementary frontend.

If you are looking to connect you frontend with 3rd party providers (e.g. Supabase and Strapi) please visit this page instead.

Getting Started

Step 1: Locate Your OpenAPI Specification

Ensure you have the OpenAPI specification for your backend service. This specification should be in the form of a .yaml or .json file accessible via a URL. The OpenAPI spec details all the routes, parameters, and expected responses of your API.

Step 2: Update Project Settings

  • Navigate to your project's settings within GPT Engineer.
  • Locate the section labeled "Backend integrations".
  • Enter the URL where your OpenAPI specification is hosted.

Step 3: Start iterating on your app

GPT Engineer will incorporate the knowledge about the API for future iterations, ensuring that the frontend logic integrates appropriately with your backend.

Below is a demo of this functionality.